TemperatureTraq Video System

The TemperatureTraq Video System provides automated temperature readings of individuals entering facilities.

ABG Tag and Traq Inc., a subsidiary of American Biomedical Group Inc., continues to provide US healthcare, industry workers, and first responders with safety and security solutions.

The TemperatureTraq Video System combines thermographic imaging with hi-definition optical photography to provide automated temperature readings of multiple individuals entering office buildings, factories, schools, grocery or retail stores with sub degree accuracy.

Unlike our competitors, the system is equipped with optional facial recognition. This provides prompt identification of any individual with a compromised temperature reading, enabling others to remain safe from accidental exposure. The ability to link with employee identification cards adds an element of security to all work environments.

The TemperatureTraq Video System provides instant feedback via the software and indicator light attached to the camera.

The TemperatureTraq Video System includes a 100% performance guarantee backed by Amerimed Limited.

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Portable Isolation Units

ABGI is proud to serve and support the FDA, US Army, NASA and our commercial business clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our CAP and AllTraq programs will continue to operate without interruption.

ABGI is also dedicated to helping prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We have developed Portable Isolation Containment Units (P-ICU) for onsite quarantine and containment of infectious disease.

ABGI Portable Isolation Containment Units are negative pressure patient rooms with UVGI, air sterilization and waste containment. The units can be shipped pre-fabricated or as a kit for onsite assembly.

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Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show

ABGI / AllTraq project manager Jim Kelley was recently elected as an Honorary Vice President of the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show.

The Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show (also known as the Fort Worth Stock show) is the oldest continuously running livestock show and rodeo. It has been held annually in Fort Worth, TX since 1896.

Congratulations, Jim!

NASA NEEMO 23 Mission

We were honored to support the 2019 NASA NEEMO 23 Mission this summer in Florida.

NEEMO 23 Crew

The NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations project (NEEMO) is a NASA analog mission used to prepare and train astronauts, engineers and scientists for future space exploration. NEEMO missions take place in Aquarius, the only permanent underwater research lab in the world.

For NEEMO 23 we used AllTraq to track equipment, boats and environmental habitat data during the mission. Users could view the data anywhere from any internet connected device via the AllTraq website or within the NASA mission management software (Playbook). The system provided 3D location tracking in Aquarius, 2D location tracking in the Aquarius Reef Base onshore and GPS tracking for the boats to help provide full accountability of tagged assets as they travel between locations. AllTraq also provided realtime remote monitoring of O2, CO2, ambient temperature and humidity inside Aquarius.

Our goal is to work with NASA to develop a system that could help save time managing inventory so crew members can dedicate more time to mission objectives.

Tracking inside Aquarius GPS boat tracking

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AllTraq at the VPP Conference

We recently participated in the Region VI VPP Conference in Oklahoma City.

The AllTraq team demonstrated our RFID employee safety badges with realtime fall detection and emergency button press. We were also able to put together realtime precision tracking to demonstrate asset management and environmental safety monitoring.

Harvester Tracking Prevents Contamination

The current romaine lettuce E. Coli outbreak has intensified, becoming the largest in over a decade.

We are currently testing the AllTraq Real Time Location System on harvesters in the field to ensure proper cleaning procedures are followed. Harvesters are equipped with AllTraq receivers that report GPS location and pick up the exact distance of equipment and workers tagged with RFID devices. This allows us to see how close workers and equipment are to the harvester and for how long.

New AllTraq Personnel Badge

The newest version of the AllTraq personnel badge has some great new safety and security features.

The RFID enabled badge is now thinner and lighter. The badge has an emergency button that users can press to trigger an audible alarm and/or send text messages to designated personnel. It is also equipped with fall detection by monitoring accelerometer g-force readings.

AllTraq personnel badges offer real time location with accuracy of 6 - 18 inches. Perfect for job safety, security or training applications.

Safety - Track personnel to ensure proper safety protocols are followed. Locate team members in emergency situations. Distress button and fall detection alerts available.

Security - Limit access to restricted or dangerous areas. Track visitors and temporary personnel.

Training - Keep track of personnel during training procedures and review historical data to increase productivity.

Tracking at the Denver International Airport

We were excited to work with the Denver International airport on a pilot program to track badged vendor visitors.

The 30 day AllTraq pilot allowed DIA to verify that vendors with temporary badges were properly following security and safety protocols. AllTraq helped DIA to examine the efficiency of their badging process by recording the amount of time it took vendors to get to security areas and understand how much time visitors spent in various zones.

We also provided DIA with a full 3D scan of the tracking area that included over 1 billion points of data and an as-built rendering accurate to 1/8 of an inch.

Harvester Tracking for Food Safety

We’re working with Factor IV Solutions to provide real time location tracking of harvesters, cleaning equipment and employees in the field.

The AllTraq system reports live GPS data on each harvester and can detect when RFID tags on the sanitation vehicles and cleaning equipment are close to the harvester.

The system records how long cleaning equipment and employees are in range of the harvester to verify proper cleaning procedures were met.

Lockheed NASA Habitat

The Orlando Sentinel has published on article on the Lockheed Martin deep space lunar habitat prototype.

If you look close you can see some AllTraq receivers in the habitat:

Orlando Sentinel - Look inside Lockheed Martin's finished prototype of where astronauts may live in deep space

Photo courtesy of Chabeli Herrera / Orlando Sentinal