Track Anything with AllTraq.

The AllTraqTM system allows you to track the movement and utilization of assets in real time. Easily see what you have, where it is and where it has been. View detailed information on each asset, including environmental data.

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Benefits of AllTraq

  • Accurately locate and identify assets in real time
  • Real time inventory of assets
  • Detect loss, theft or unauthorized movement of assets
  • Store and record important information on each asset
  • Detect motion, orientation, temperature, moisture, etc.
  • Non-interfering and jam resistant
  • Low cost, low power and long battery life
  • Data encryption available

Your Assets at a Glance

The AllTraq system is the first commercially available wide area tracking system. It uses a combination of ultra wideband frequency (UWB), radio frequency identification tags (RFID) and data security protocols.

Our web based software allows you to view your data on any computer or mobile device.

Tailored to Your Business

The system is low cost, low power, non-interfering and jam resistant. We can set up a custom tracking and logistics system based on the unique needs of your organization.

Ultra Wideband Spectrum

Ultra Wideband RFID Tags

Our proprietary ultra wideband system has greater accuracy, density and distance with less interference and lower cost than any other system on the market.

Each asset is tagged with a small RFID device. AllTraq makes it easy to find the exact location of any tagged asset and set up alerts based on events (such as assets entering or leaving specified zones). The system records where your asset is and where it has been.

Additional sensors can be added to report back orientation, vibration, temperature, humidity, speed, fuel levels, etc.

Why is ultra wideband better than Wi-Fi?

AllTraq Software

Tagged items such as equipment, supplies or staff are displayed on your floor plan in real time.

View the location of tagged assets and set up events when an asset enters or exits predefined zones.

Some of Our Work...

We’ve helped organizations track the movement and utilization of equipment, supplies, vehicles, weapons and personnel.

Real time tracking with NASA at the bottom of the ocean.

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AllTraq temperature sensors monitor refrigerated units.

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We built an armed helicopter for the US Special Operations Team.

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We created a weapons tracking and inventory system for Fort Sill.

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We help cattle ranchers locate and monitor each cow in the herd.

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We help hospitals track medical equipment and surgical instruments.

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